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Koena Longmont

Welcome to Kōena, where Western medicine meets Eastern practices. Our mission is to provide the Northern Colorado community with a renewed sense of balance, health, and healing through experienced providers. 

We're looking forward to becoming your new primary care provider, trusted acupuncturist, and dedicated wellness team in Longmont, CO.

about kōena integrative healing

Koena Longmont

Kōena (balance) happens when Western and Eastern practices come full circle. While Integrative medicine isn’t a foreign concept, rarely do you find providers with the experience Lyndsey Cordova and Yolanda Brown share under the same roof. 


Lyndsey and Yolanda first met in 2007 as surgical techs. While on a road trip, the two dreamt of opening their own clinic together; in 2023, that dream came to fruition when Kōena Integrative Healing opened in Longmont, CO...

revitalize your health 

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