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Family Practice Care at Kōena

 Experience a refreshing change of pace, right here in Longmont, Colorado

Meet Your Provider


Who is Miss Yo?

Yolanda Brown (she/her/hers), better known at Kōena as "Miss Yo", is our Family Nurse Practitioner, dedicated to being the change that western medicine needs. Experiencing family practice care shouldn't be stressful.  If you've ever felt like you were ignored,  misunderstood, or got lost in the western healthcare system, Kōena is the place for you. In Miss Yo's room, you'll feel like you're talking to an old friend and may even share a few laughs. 

Miss Yo is known for her wealth of knowledge and skill, combined with a genuine, compassionate, holistic and relatable approach. 

Miss Yo is accepting, non-judgmental and welcomes all. 

During your time at Kōena, you'll experience a collaborative approach to your healthcare, pulling from multiple modalities to ensure whole person care is achieved. Miss Yo is filled with gratitude and honor to provide  care to all who come to the clinic. 

Kōena is committed to providing quality family practice care to everyone, in our community including the uninsured and underinsured

To read Miss Yo's full bio click here


Family Practice
Service Menu

Wellness Visit-Adult  | 30 min| $75

Wellness Visit- Child | 30 min | $75

Telehealth Sick Visit | 20 min | $75

In-Person Sick Visit | 20 min | $75

Physical Exam- Adult | 20 min | $50 

Physical Exam- Child/ Sports/ School | 20 min | $35 

Paperwork requests only | 20 min | $35

Prescriptions consults  | 20 min | $35

Weight loss consult-

In-person or online | 30 min | $50

Wound care (minor) | 20 min | $90

Wound care (major) | 30 min + | $120

Hormone Replacement Consult | $100 + the cost of comprehensive lab work and medication if needed

For IV Therapy- Click HERE

For Lab-work please contact and let us know which labs you need and we will get you a customized price. 

For weight loss inquiries, or how to buy tirzepatide and semaglutide,  in Longmont, Please click HERE

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