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For real this time. 

Tirzepatide and Semaglutide 

  1. What's the difference between semaglutide and tirzepatide and  Zepbound ®, Mounjaro®, Ozempic®, or Wegovy®? Semaglutide is the active ingredient in both Ozempic® and Wegovy®. Tirzepatide is the active ingredient in Zepbound® and Mounjaro®. An example of a generic (active ingredient) and brand name drug is acetaminophen and Tylenol®. You can buy generic acetaminophen and get the same results as from the brand name Tylenol®. They both accomplish the same goal and have the same active ingredient. Kōena prescribes the active ingredient found in Zepbound®, Mounjaro®, Ozempic®, and Wegovy®.  We use safe and trusted pharmacies that deliver high quality medication consistently.  The results speak for themselves. 

  2. How do these medications work? Both of these medications were initially used to control blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes management. They have both been shown to reduce weight safely in patients who are not diabetic. They both work by controlling blood sugar, decreasing your appetite and making you feel full faster and longer. Tirzepatide is newer and more effective than semaglutide, but also more expensive. To see more specifics on the difference, see FAQ #5.

  3. Is a consult needed or can I get the prescription without one? You can fill the prescription by phone only if you have already been screened for contraindications by one of our providers. These weight loss medications are prescribed and while they are safe, we must do an intake to ensure you are a good candidate for this medication. If you have already been screened, feel free to refill your medication directly from our website by clicking here or by calling 303-834-8376.

  4. What happens if I do not have a copy of recent blood work? It's ok, you can still come in and do an intake with us

  5. What are the differences between semaglutide and tirzepatide? While there are some similarities in the medication, there is also an important difference. They are both GLP-1 medications, which basically means they both delay gastric (stomach) emptying, they trigger insulin release from your pancreas, and block a hormone that increases your blood sugar, preventing glucose from overflowing into your bloodstream. Tirzepatide is also activates GIP receptors, which means it works in a slightly different, dual action way. Making tirzepatide the more effective, stronger option. Tirzepatide's dual action on both GLP-1 and GIP receptors makes it more potent in blood sugar control, at appetite suppressant, reducing sugar or alcohol cravings and reducing over all "food chatter" in our brains.

  6. What are the most common side effects? From what we see in our personal clinical experience, nausea is the most common side effect reported to us. Some people have changes in bowel habits, such as constipation or diarrhea. Other side effects may include fatigue, injection site reaction (redness, burning), reduced of appetite, acid reflux, abdominal discomfort, and vomiting. If you decide to move forward with one of these medications, we will provide a comprehensive consent form that you must read through and understand. This form will include rare side effects and other pertinent information on the medication you chose. 

  7. I've heard that this medication requires self injections, I can't do that. What are my options? These medications are delivered by injection, once a week. We provide education on how to perform the self injection safely and effectively, before you take your medication home. If you are not comfortable or able to perform the injection yourself, it's ok! You can schedule your weekly injections with Koena and one of our qualified providers will administer the injection for you. There is no cost for this appointment if you paid for your vial in full. You can book that weekly injection here. The injection appointment should take 5-10 mins. 

  8. How fast will I lose weight? ** Keep in mind that the following information is solely based on what we have seen at Kōena since our launch of this program in August 2023**  90% of our patients on tirzepatide thus far have reported weight loss of 2-4 lbs in the first week, with just the test dose and 10 lbs down by week 3 or 4. Lyndsey, Kōena owner and practitioner, lost 32lbs in 12 weeks on the 5mg dose of tirzepatide, and Miss Yo, Kōena practitioner, is down 2 scrub sizes! To date, 100% of our patients on tirzepatide with Kōena have lost over 10lbs. Your results may vary and there are no guarantees. Your weight loss may happen slower or faster. Semaglutide patients can see up to 10% reduction in body weight and tirzepatide patients can reduce body weight by 25%. The results we have seen are phenomenal and very exciting, which is why we decided to offer it to our patients. Please remember that tirzepatide and semaglutide are just tools to assist patients who have exhausted other weight loss options and struggled. Tirzepatide and semaglutide are not replacements for exercise or a healthy diet. 

  9. Do I have to be on tirzepatide or semaglutide for the rest of my life? No. At Kōena we like to do a "slow wean" off of the medication. For example, if you hit your goal and you are on a 7.5mg dose of tirzepatide, the following week, you would do a 5mg dose for 2 weeks, then a 2.5 mg dose for 2 weeks, then 2.5 every other week and so on. We will work with you extensively to ensure that your wean off the medication is going as planned and you have all the tools you need to stay at your goal weight. 

  10. How much will I need to meet my weight loss goals? If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, 25lbs +, you will most likely need 50-100mg of tirzepatide or more. This answer is also very individualized and will vary depending on how well your body reacts to the medication. You can definitely start with a 50mg vial and refill as needed. 

  11. Do I have to buy tirzepatide or semaglutide all at once or do you offer payment plans? Here at Kōena, we are proud to offer in house financing plans, that allow for weekly, biweekly or monthly payments following an initial 50% down payment. Please email to request a copy of the Kōena pay-as-you-go information. We also have a monthly option for both medications. This is ideal for people who are going to be on the medication for 3 months or longer and are on higher doses. Our monthly cost for this plan is $250 for semaglutide, $425 for tirzepatide (any dose)

  12. Are there any other benefits to taking tirzepatide or semaglutide other than weight loss? Absolutely. Obesity comes with significant risks to your health, including high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. By getting the weight off once and for all, you will decrease your risk for all of those listed and more. Results are often seen in post weight loss bloodwork. 

  13. Can I take tirzepatide or semaglutide with other medications? Yes, generally both medications are safe to take with your other medications. Be sure to tell your provider all of your current medications and supplements, so they can keep you safe. 

  14. Do I have to be on a diet while taking tirzepatide or semaglutide? There are not diet restrictions required with these medications, however, we do recommend getting into the habit of incorporating nutrient rich foods into your diet, such as whole foods and increased protein. We do not recommend skipping many meals. This medication will decrease your appetite and sometimes, you may even forget to eat. Please remember it is important to eat meals at consistent times. This will help reduce the risk for hypoglycemia. It is also very important to stay adequately hydrated while using these medications. 

  15. Does semaglutide or tirzepatide in Longmont, cost more than in big cities? We don't think so! Kōena is committed to monthly cost comparisons that help us stay competitive and ensure you are getting the best price possible. Kōena will always remain ethical and transparent with our pricing. 

  16. I'm really thinking about trying this, what is the process at Kōena like? The first step is to book an online or in person consult with one of our providers. You can click here to schedule that now. This consult will take about 25 mins. If you are a good candidate, you and your provider will discuss which option is best. The medication is prescribed and ordered specifically for you, and will be ordered by Kōena by the next business day following your appointment. Depending on which medication you chose, the medication should arrive 7-14 days after your appointment. You may get your test dose the same day as your consult to ensure you tolerate the medication well. Once your medication has arrived, you will come into the clinic for pick up. Then we will provide you with education to ensure you are safely and effectively administering the medication, we will clarify dosage and answer any other questions you may have. We ask that you check in with a follow up update at week 4 and 8.

  17. Can I return my medication or get a refund? No. Unfortunately, after the medication leaves the clinic, we cannot ensure the sterility or quality of the remaining medication and will have to discard the vial. Because of this, all sales are final, regardless of how well tirzepatide or semaglutide works for you or how much you have used. If you are at a plateau with your weight or are having increased or unpleasant side effects, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can help come up with a solution to keep you on track. We are committed to being here throughout your weight loss journey from start to finish. While we cannot guarantee you will hit your weight loss goals, we are very confident in the medications ability to assist you in meeting those goals.  We are very excited to bring Longmont and the surrounding areas a quality and dependable option for weight loss. We cannot wait to watch you drop pounds and gain confidence! 

Weight loss

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Our semaglutide prices are as follows and includes consultation fee! 

5mg | $500

7.5mg | $650

12.5 | $1550

25mg | $1450


Our tirzepatide prices are as follows and includes consultation fee! 

30mg | $900

50mg | $1300

100mg | $2200

**If you are new to us, please bring in a current copy of your labs or you can email them to

If you do not have current labs, it's ok, we can take care of that when you get here. 

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