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Kōena Essentials Vital D3-

• Supports Bone Strength and Dental Health
• Supports Modulation of Immune Function
• Supports Healthy Cell Differentiation
• Supports Neurologic and Cognitive Health
• Supports Musculoskeletal Comfort
• Supports Cardiovascular Health and Healthy Blood Sugar Metabolism
• Supports Vitamin D repletion in cases of dietary deficiency, Limited Sunlight Exposure, or Use of Depleting Therapies


Vital D3 Liquid is cholecalciferol derived from lanolin and provided in a liquid base of sunflower oil and purified water. In this liquid formula, vitamin D and sunflower oil are combined using a special micro- emulsification process designed to create a natural micellized matrix which, when coated by the stomach bile, will encourage absorption.

Vital D3

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